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Bookmarklets are for people running Internet Explorer 5 or later on a PC or a Mac (exceptions annotated).

Bookmarklets are, essentially, links that contain mini-programs. Contained within each bookmarklet link is a piece of javascript that executes within the address bar. They can be used for many purposes and can be very powerful tools. They are usually distributed free on the Internet. Some of the bookmarklets on this site have been found, others have been made by me. Please do not test them on this site, as the pages of this site contain a number of bookmarklets already and this will cause interference. To keep a bookmarklet, just bookmark it or drag it to your links bar or favourites panel. When you try to add a bookmarklet to your links bar or favourites panel, you will get a security warning. The warning is just because the link contains javascript. The bookmarklets on this site are used by thousands of people daily. In short, they are safe to add. Once you have added a bookmarklet to your links bar or explorer panel, just click on it to use it.

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